gen-k: Violet

ksubi gen-k violet

Social handle: @24hourflowers

Who is on your radar: Jane Fonda

Describe yourself in 3 hashtags: I don’t use hashtags

Looking for: A label maker and 1 lost hoop and my goddamn shoes

Listening to: Death proof sound track, Gang of Four, & Junglepussy

I love to...: Make omlettes

Peeving: Social climbers

Dreaming of: Lottery tickets

Last person you kissed: Good question

On New York: Craigslist

Secret spot: Trash day

Fav Neighbhourhood: Periwinkle Lane

Escape to: Alcatraz Island

Dance where: Anywhere

Crushing on: Shakira !!

Someone who interests you right now: Shakira

What should more people care about: Nothing

How do you like to wear your denim: With a small tshirt. Most likely from the children’s section at goodwill. And a pair of vans or heels

Whats your go to fit are you a skinny or a straight fit, cropped: Big and baggy

ksubi is: Doooooope !