Anti Ksocial Violet

ksubi gen-k violet

Social handle


Who is on your radar

Jane Fonda

Describe yourself in 3 hashtags

I don’t use hashtags

Looking for

A label maker and 1 lost hoop and my goddamn shoes

Listening to

Death proof sound track, Gang of Four, & Junglepussy

I love to...

Make omlettes


Social climbers

Dreaming of

Lottery tickets

Last person you kissed

Good question

On New York


Secret spot

Trash day

Fav Neighbhourhood

Periwinkle Lane

Escape to

Alcatraz Island

Dance where


Crushing on

Shakira !!

Someone who interests you right now


What should more people care about


How do you like to wear your denim

With a small tshirt. Most likely from the children’s section at goodwill. And a pair of vans or heels

Whats your go to fit are you a skinny or a straight fit, cropped

Big and baggy

ksubi is

Doooooope !