Anti Ksocial Valentina

Valentina Ruby Sykes


Los Angeles

Social handle


Listening to

Can't stop listening to Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald

I love to

I love to draw, craft, sing, cook. I love to spend time with animals but most of all I love to sleep.

Dreaming of


Last person you kissed

The most beautiful babe

On New York

A magical place to visit

Fav Neighbhourhood

I'll always have a soft spot for Dulwich Hill in Sydney. I grew up there so I have the best memories of it.

Escape to

Anywhere sunny

Dance where

Home alone listening to Amy

Crushing on

My babe

What should more people care about

Being kind

How do you like to wear your denim

Any way and every day

Whats your go to fit are you a skinny or a straight fit, cropped

Skinny or Straight

Ksubi is