Anti Ksocial Marlon

Marlon Rabenreither


Los Angeles

Social handle

@gold_star_music, @cgroxanneandthenightmares

Bands handle

@gold_star_music, @cgroxanneandthenightmares

Describe your music in 3 words

Sad And Happy

Favorite Venue to perform at

Playing The Troubadour was a childhood dream come true. The Bootleg Theater, The Regent Theater, and The Hyperion Tavern are favorites of mine.

Preference - Acoustic or electric

Both are essential to what I do

When is your next show

C.G. Roxanne is playing Jan. 9th at The Satellite with our friends Starcrawler, Warbly Jets, and Cheap Tissue.

Plans for 2017

The new Gold Star record “Big Blue” will be coming out via Autumn Tone Records in March.

Listening to

Leonard Cohen

I love to

Get Lost


Irony, Insincerity, The Half Hearted

Dreaming of

Some New Kind Of Kick

Looking for


Last person you kissed



Changing Rapidly

Secret spot

Dan Sung Sa

Fav Neighborhood


Escape to

Topanga Canyon

Dance where

The Monty on Sunday nights

Crushing on

Liam Gallagher

Someone who interests you right now

James Baldwin

What should more people care about

In times like these, the arts are truly more important then ever

How do you like to wear your denim

To Shreds

Whats your go to fit are you a skinny or a straight fit, cropped


Ksubi is

Little White Crosses

Last words:

I Love You