Anti Ksocial Elijah

ksubi Anti-ksocial Elijah

Social handle


Who is on your radar

All my friends in NY, producing art and doing their thing.

Describe yourself in 3 hashtags

#tired #busy #hungry

Looking for

Perfection, I'm a perfectionist 100%.

Listening to

"Last Time" by Gucci Mane & Travis Scott, "Harambe" by Young Thug.

I love to...

Make clothes.


Missing a late night train and melting in the subway station heat for 20 minutes.

Dreaming of

Getting my designs on the runway + ready to sell soon.

Last person you kissed

My bb @stelladuval

On New York

No one is unique here, you will find always find someone like you. There are many friends to be made!

Secret spot

Tai Thai in LES. Lunch specials make me happy every time.

Fav Neighbhourhood

East Village or Bushwick.

Escape to

Back home to Oakland. Bay Area till I die.

Dance where

Rooftop party.

Crushing on

My one and only ;)

Someone who interests you right now

Craig Green.

What should more people care about

Loving, not hating.

How do you like to wear your denim

Hoodie and sneakers, keep it comfy always.

Whats your go to fit are you a skinny or a straight fit, cropped

Skinny and long or wide-leg cropped.

ksubi is

Iconic rockstar pants ++

Last words

Peace out.