Anti Ksocial Bianca

ksubi Anti-ksocial Bianca

Social handle


Who is on your radar

Coco Wohrle

Describe yourself in 3 hashtags

#impulsive #motivated #dreamer

Looking for

Good people, always

Listening to

Rich by Harriet

I love to...

Go along for the ride


Wasted time

Dreaming of

Going to Tokyo

Last person you kissed


On New York

It will eat you up if you let it, but not if you swallow it whole first

Secret spot

Lovers of Today

Fav Neighbhourhood

Lower East Side

Escape to

Hawaii, I have never been

Dance where

My room!

Crushing on

Wearing white from head to toe, swoon

Someone who interests you right now

Leila Rahimi

What should more people care about

Being nice

How do you like to wear your denim

Light washed and loose

Whats your go to fit are you a skinny or a straight fit, cropped

High waisted, cropped, straight leg jeans with a vintage tee

ksubi is


Last words

Wear your jewelry to bed; you will always wake up looking fly